About Me

Hi, I'm Citrus! I'm a wannabe Graphic Designer and Artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am 22 years old. I have a deep interest in design and aesthetics, which I want to explore with a future education in Graphic Design. I really enjoy web design and making my own websites on my free time, such as this simple hub site for all the things I may do in the future.

I'm currently just messing around and having fun, trying to learn new things and maybe make a few bucks on the side as a side gig. I've been around Neocities for ages under different usernames, CitrusTree being my second and hopefully final alias. I am Non-Binary Genderfluid and my pronouns are They/He/She (Altough I generally go by any pronouns, so feel free to mix and match as you wish based on the vibes I give off), so transphobes kindly eat a dick and thank you.

My tastes are varied. When it comes to music I enjoy Post-Rock and sometimes Post-Punk or just plain Punk music, I deeply enjoy the Punk aesthetic and lifestyle. I also enjoy dark themes (As in literal darkness, not edgy stuff) in media. I love skeletons way too much and draw them way too much as well, which is fine I guess.